Passing Peacefully
Passing Peacefully
Dr. Judy Underwood
Dying: Finding Comfort and Guidance in a Story of a Peaceful Passing
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Twelve Things Not to Say to Terminally Ill People and Their Families
When talking to someone who is terminally ill, people usually offer meaningless platitudes or say things that could be hurtful. Talking to an individual or to the family members under these circumstances could be the most difficult conversation you will ever experience...

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terminally ill people & their families.
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My mother is dying. She's fine, but I don't know how to cope. What can I do?
I am sorry for what you’re experiencing now. I understand you’re going through a very tough time. No matter what kind of relationship you’ve had with her, losing your mother is difficult. Pay close attention to your feelings as you go through this experience. All of your feelings are acceptable... (more)

Passing Peacefully Bill of Rights
People who are dying deserve to have their physical and emotional needs met as they go through this final stage of life. The Passing Peacefully Bill of Rights is a reminder to those who are dying, as well as their friends, families and caregivers, of these basic rights. You are welcome to download and print a copy to share with others. The Passing Peacefully Bill of Rights is in color and suitable for framing.
Download RGB version (340kb)

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